Web Design

Web Design

Websites are an important way of advertising and running your business or even displaying personal interests. At CG Computing, we offer a professional web design services that can be suited to meet your every need.

Custom Design

All websites are different, that's why we believe that your website should be designed to meet your every requirement. We can offer our input on ideas that may be beneficial to your website, but ultimately, the final decision will always be yours. Craft your website to fit your every need and allow us to fulfil your website requirements.

Search Engine Optimisation

Your website will only perform well if it succeeds in being highly ranked in a search performed on one of the many search engines, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.
By specifying the correct keywords and descriptions, we can raise the ranking of your website to reach more customers and users.

E-mail Contact Form

If your customers ever have the need to contact you, they could always phone you, but if the line is busy at the time, they won't be able to contact you. Through an e-mail contact form, your customers can submit their queries to you to answer when you free to do so.
These forms can be customised to send emails with different priorities or even filtered depending on the topic of the query.

Secure Online Checkout

Many websites today offer a method of selling their merchandise online. By offering the choice to pay through Paypal or Google Checkout, your customers have the option of purchasing anything you wish to sell on your website. We can set this up to sell varying quantities from a handful of items to a whole database reaching 1000+ items with different colours, styles or sizes.

Free Logo Design

As part of the website design, we also offer a logo design serices to create an logo that matches your company's image.
This logo can be any size, style or colour and can be customised fully to suit your needs.