Computing Training

Computer Training

Beginner and Intermediate Courses

Currently, we offer two courses: a beginner course and an intermediate course.
Our beginner course takes place over 5 lessons and goes through the components of the computer and common uses of a new computer; such as Email, using the Internet and using the desktop in general.
Our intermediate course builds upon pre-existing knowledge that would be covered in the beginner course and teaches you to use the specific features in Windows 7 or Windows 10, how to install and uninstall programs, file management and even social media.
Our expert courses are currently being tailored and will be available in the future.

Small Classes

To keep a high-impact level of learning, our classes will never be larger than 6 people, this allows for each of out students to not feel intimidated by others in the class and gives them ample time to ask any questions throughout the lesson; with everyone getting a chance to speak.
On average, our class sizes are 4-5 students during peak times.


We strive on making sure our courses are easy-to-understand; we achieve this through our detailed handouts that break everything down into more manageable terms to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding of any of the jargon used.
Each of our courses will provide you with full hard-copies of all our handouts and some of our lessons come with summary sheets and even short quizzes to check if you understood the content.

1 Hour Sessions

Each of our lessons in all courses lasts 1 full hour. Within this hour will be a summary of last lesson (or an introduction to the course in the first lesson), the lesson content and finishing with a summary of the lesson and any further questions.

Tea and Coffee

All of our lessons come with complimentary tea and coffee for consumption in the waiting area and during the lessons.