Home Callouts

Home Callouts

At CG Computing, we also offer a callout service for those that are unable to bring their computer into our store or if it's a networking issue that has to be repaired on site.

We Come To You

With just a phone call or visiting us instore, you can book an appointment for one of our engineers to come out to you. We offer this services for everyone and we feel that is ideal for those that would have difficulty bringing in their PC or laptop into our store or even for those that are unsure on how to unplug their PC.

Repair On-Site

There are many types of repair that can be done at the home. Reinstallation, data backup and certain hardware replacement are just some of the services that we can do at your home. By doing the repairs at your home, it provides a convienent method for you to keep your computer at home without disturbing the way it is set up.

Collection Possible

There are some repairs that cannot be performed in the home due to the professional equipment being stationed at the store, or that it requires the disassembly of the PC or laptop to make the repair. In the cases that this is required, we offer a services to collect and/or return your PC or laptop to you without the need for you to leave you home.

Appointments To Suit You

Here at CG Computing, we care for you, the customer. This is why we let you request the time that you wish to have the appointment.
This also allows us to offer a fully convienent that suits you, where you can prepare for our arrival and ensure that you have the time for us to perform the repair.